The Aedo in ancient Greece was a blind prophet who sang idyllic art,

as being without sight, he could come into contact with the Muses through the eyes of the soul.


Aedo Project is a laboratory of innovation and research of new non-visual interactions with digital technology.

Our projects are the result of a careful analysis of the theories of design haptic, the new line of research that studies the processes of recognition of objects and spaces in environments without light. We aim to design economic products with a new language of interaction simple, intuitive and pleasant to use. Extraordinary interface systems unique in their kind involve all the senses with the exception of sight, where everything works in absolute harmony between tactile surfaces, vocal synthesis and sound feedback.

Through a user-centric design method, in recent years, we have created and tested various ideas, welcoming great enthusiasm and participation by the blind community.  We have as main objective the creation of tools to help people with visual difficulties to improve the lifestyle, social integration and education, offering to the scientific community a collection of technological solutions Designed to convert visual interactions into tangible perceptions.


Feel The View

Haptic Touch
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